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Word Formation! Form your own forms.

Upstream Upper-Intermediate B2+ Unit 6
"Guilt-free Holidays"
Word families representation


An enormous majority of people tend to think that Greek and Latin languages are dead ones, but that's not true. They live as small parts of the todays words, they are prefixes and roots (rewrite, subgroup) and even whole words (photo, phobia) etc. It is hard to overestimate the importance of these languages in our modern speech and that's why it is so essential to be familiar with them, especially if you are an English learner. 

If you :

  • want to listen to some audiofile;
  • are a pedestrian;
  • learn pnonetics;
  • attract the opposite sex;
  • like semi-sweet wine;
  • use MicroSD card;
  • have a monopod;
  • don't like biology, geography, psychology, etc;
  • are an incredible super philologist;
- you must get acquainted with Greek and Latin languages! 

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Technology of the devil

Dear Dict,
I have just received your letter and it's a bit frustrating that I haven't heard from you for 20 years. Anyway, I am entirely happy to know that you are safe and sound. You have asked me to do a favour and I am enthusiastic about helping you to achieve your goal. I will do my best and describe step-by-step approach in detail :

First and foremost, there is a wide range of online tools that will help you in building your vocabulary. I know that you are kinda out of practice now but you have to be aware of new technologies. If you simply want to look the word updo not hesitate to use Cambridge Dictionary. I regard this dictionary as the most appropriate one, it provides very accurate and very short definitions (it will work for you).

Next, in order not to make mistakes while using the words, you should find the gist of contextFraze It is a viable option to go through the constructions used with a specific word.

If the phrase slips your mind and you can not guess the meaning of it, it's time to use The Free Dictionary. It contains the best thesaurus ever.   

An alternative dictionary for you can be Urban Dictionary. It will help you avoid using offensive slang. 

And the very last tool I would like to concentrate your mind on is Word Games. If you are sick and tired of trivial revision, brush up on your vocabulary while playing.

Also, I have prepared some flashcards to show you how it works.
Hope my ideas will help you. Write me about your progress as soon as possible. Sorry, must dash now!

Love you,
Alichka ♥

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Loooongman, how to deal with it?

Hello, English learners! Once we explored different ways of learning new words, it is a high time to build our vocabulary using dictionary. I worked out the easiest way to cope with those heavy, huge and frustrating books. And this is my list of tips :
First and foremost, it is entirely essential to find the right dictionary for you. Nowadays we have a wide range of dictionaries to choose from, but a viable option would be a descriptive paperback dictionary of contemporary English such as LONGMAN.
Secondly, avoid looking all the unknown words up. If you do not know the accurate definition of the word, it doesn`t mean that you don`t know the word at all. Rack your brains and try to guess the meaning from the context.
Finally, look up word you want to know like the back of your hand and then look at the words above and below to get the hang of understanding prefixes. Adopt this method and you will see how slowly but surely your vocabulary will expand.

My sweet learners, concentrate your mind on improving your fluent English, stay motivated and by trial and error make the most of your dictionaries. 
P. S. Don`t forget to do revision on and off

The word I tend to misspell :

conscience /ˈkɒn.ʃəns/ - the part of you that judges how moral your own actions are and makes you feel guilty about bad things that you have done or things you feel responsible for

Words I often confuse :

historic - important or likely to be important in history
(That was a historic moment for me.)

historical - connected with studying or representing things from the past
(A lot of historical buildings were destroyed during the war.)

Words that entered the dictionary in 2016 :

softcore, n - domestic or municipal refuse of a loose, granular consistency; street sweepings, rubbish, or filth

hack job, n - 
 a piece of writing by a hack writer, esp. work that is of poor quality or poorly remunerated

shaka, int - used to express affirmation, approval, solidarity, etc., often when greeting or parting from someone

shootaround, n - b
asketball, an informal practice session, typically on the morning before a game

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Let`s get the party started!

Hello my dear readers, I am entirely happy that I have such a great opportunity to start my own blog. The first topic I am going to write about is learning new vocabulary. I have been learning English since my childhood, and I know how challenging remembering new words can be.

I always use my visual memory to learn new thigs but practising another methods in order to learn new words more effectively is a great deal. So, here I will give some tips that can help you, while organising your lexical notebook :

  • Keeping a lexical notebook People do underestimate the importance of using personal notebooks. Despite modern technologies, you can personalize your notebook and make it as convenient as possible.
  • Create your own definitions Make sure you have understood the word in an appropriate way and then try to create your own definition, it will help you to memorise unknown words much easier.
  • Active vocabulary When you think you learned a word, try to use it in your active vocabulary or simply make up some sentences with this word. This tip will help you to understand word context and will make the process of recognizing faster.
  • Mindmapping I love mindmaps! It is a good way to explane the information to yourself and sort it all out. Make your mindmaps bright and colourful and you are sure to "capture" the word with your visual memory.

Here's the text I've chosen :

And these are the new words I found :

1 whirlwind

2 death spiral 

3 rah-rah

4 pumped-up

5 self-loathing

6 threshold

7 impending

8 friction

9 consistent

10 trigger

11 whine

12 grind

13 perspective

14 exaggeration

15 gut it out

16 compel

17 dwindling

18 essence

show up

20 prolific

Hope this information would be helpful for you and I also paste my notes to show how it works :